2016 Pitt-Greensburg President’s Distinguished Service Awards for Staff Named

Pitt-Greensburg campus

Valerie Kubenko, an administrative secretary, and Stacy Netzel, director of conferencing, are the recipients of the 2016 Pitt-Greensburg President’s Distinguished Service Awards for Staff.

The President’s Distinguished Service Award for Staff is the most prestigious honor that Pitt-Greensburg presents to regular staff members of any classification in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the campus.

Kubenko, who works with the faculty in the Natural Sciences Division, was held up as a role model for teamwork. Using details from the nomination submitted, UPG President Sharon Smith described Kubenko as “kind, compassionate and generous”; “incredibly considerate and impressively anticipating the needs of everyone she works with” and “an empathetic and optimistic problem solver.”

Smith also commended Kubenko for her ability to work with a variety of personalities both in her division and beyond, exhibiting a gracious, diplomatic and patient manner.

Kubenko started her career at Pitt-Greensburg in 2006 as an administrative secretary to faculty in the Humanities and the Behavioral Sciences divisions.

Smith described Netzel as “a vivid illustration of ‘Pitt to the Power of One’: an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit who actively seeks out change rather than waiting to adapt to it in order to advance the whole organization.” Smith noted that Netzel, who holds an MBA from the Katz Graduate School of Business, has an eye for detail at all levels, a deep respect and professionalism in dealing with all constituents and an agility in handling all issues with calm and efficiency that keeps clients coming back year after year.

Stacy Netzel and Valerie Kubenko