3 Learning Research and Development Center Grad Students Awarded University Research Grants

three women in front of the Cathedral

The University Research Council Research in Diversity program awarded three Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC) graduate students for their projects.

Jamie Amemiya, with co-applicant and faculty advisor Ming-Te Wang, received a grant for “Promoting Cycles of Engagement: A Daily Diary Study of African American Adolescents’ Experiences of Teacher Critical Feedback and Engagement in Math Class.” Allison Liu will study “Bridging the minority achievement gap in mathematics: Testing a cognitive-based training program to improve number sense and math anxiety in underrepresented college students” with psychology faculty member Christian Schunn. And Emily Braham, with co-applicant and faculty advisor Melissa Libertus, received funding for “The Latino-White Math Achievement Gap: The Role of Toddlers’ Early Math Skills and Parents’ Math-Related Practices.”

Each project aims to develop or advance research in the area of diversity and inclusion, as well as promote interdisciplinary collaboration and new research partnerships. 2017 marks the first year of the Research in Diversity program, which awarded 31 projects submitted by both graduate students and faculty.