Fourteen Pitt Students Named 2019 Millennium Fellows

Iron gate inside the Cathedral of Learning, neo-Gothic arches in background

Fourteen Pitt students are among the 1,092 students on 69 campuses worldwide who form the 2019 cohort of Millennium Fellows. They are Scott Glaser, Leah Graham, Madhura Leninkannan, Devesh Malik, Katelyn Morrison, Jasmin Perrier, Luke Persin, Benjamin Raymond, Anisha Reddy, Chiara Rigaud, Zachary Ryckman, Sophie Tayade, Nadine Vandevender and Rhea Verma.

This term-long leadership development program takes place on selected campuses worldwide, convening, challenging and celebrating student leadership that advances the United Nations’ 17  Sustainable Development Goals. Millennium Fellows' projects are expected to positively impact the lives of over 978,400 people worldwide this year. 

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Millennium Campus Network partners with the United Nations Academic Impact to support Millennium Fellowship student leadership. 

“On every campus and in every community, student leaders are committed to making positive contributions while committed to our ethos: empathetic, humble, inclusive leadership,” said Sam Vaghar, executive director and co-founder of Millennium Campus Network.