Pitt Physics and Astronomy Professors Elected American Physical Society Fellows

W. Vincent Liu and Adam K. Leibovich

Pitt Physics and Astronomy professors Adam K. Leibovich and W. Vincent Liu have been elected 2017 Fellows of the American Physical Society for their work in the divisions of particles and fields and atomic, molecular and optical physics.

Liu, a condensed matter theorist, was recognized for elucidating Landau damping of collective excitations in Bose-Einstein condensates, advancing the study of spin-polarized Fermi gases by introducing the concept of breached pair superfluidity, pioneering the theory of higher orbital bands in optical lattices and working with experimentalists to confirm the theory.

Leibovich, a high energy theorist who also serves as associate dean for faculty affairs in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, was cited for pioneering contributions to the heavy quark effective field theory and its application to the color-octet mechanism for quarkonium production.