Portfolio Company to Join LifeX Labs Incubator Program

A man in a light purple dress shirt and a black jacket

LifeX Labs recently announced that a new portfolio company, Duo Oncology, will be joining its Incubator program. Duo Oncology is developing ultra-small nanoparticles that can carry multiple agents deep into established tumors. The company is developing its lead product, DUO-207, for pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and other hard-to-treat tumors. 

The LifeX Labs Incubator program serves as a springboard for transformational startup companies in Pittsburgh and the surrounding regions through a series of curated services, affordable office and lab space, and industry and investor networks to launch and grow new ventures. LifeX Labs is supported by the University of Pittsburgh and the Henry L. Hillman Foundation.

“We are looking forward to having Duo Oncology join our ever-growing ecosystem. They are creating a product that is trying to solve a significant challenge in cancer therapy. This company has the possibility to save lives impacted by cancer, as their product, which helps therapies reach cancer cells, is unlike any other technology,” said Evan Facher, interim CEO of LifeX Labs and director of Pitt’s Innovation Institute.