School of Pharmacy Recognizes Distinguished and Early Career Alumni

The University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy recently recognized distinguished and early career alumni at its annual RxTravaganza on Nov. 4.

Each year, Pitt Pharmacy partners with the School of Pharmacy Alumni Society Board to recognize one or more graduates as Distinguished Alumni. This year's honorees, who have shown exemplary achievements over the course of their careers, are: William D. Thompson III, Pharm ’88; Mary Beth O’ Toole Lang, Pharm ’89; Franklin R. Manios, Pharm ’57; James A. Lyon, Jr. Pharm ’72.

The Rising Stars award is given to pharmacy alumni who graduated between five and 15 years ago and who are making noteworthy contributions to the field and within their communities. These individuals have distinguished themselves in a short time as leaders in pharmacy. Honorees included: Jesse W. McCullough, Pharm ’00; Brian J. Bobby, Pharm ’04; Vera Donnenberg, Pharm ’02; and Theodore F. Search, Pharm ’05.