Three Distinguished Alumni Fellows Named

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Howard W. Hanna, Jr. and siblings Simone Myers Karp and Lloyd N. Myers have been named Distinguished Alumni Fellows in recognition of their outstanding service to the University and their professions. The award is the highest alumni honor conferred by the University of Pittsburgh and its Alumni Association.

Hanna (BUS ’42, ’49G) established Howard Hanna Real Estate Services in 1957 and built the company into the nation’s third-largest real estate firm. He was instrumental in creating the industry-changing West Penn and East End Multi Lists and in 1991 was appointed Chair of Pennsylvania’s State Real Estate Commission.

In 2014, the Howard Hanna Family Foundation established Howard W. Hanna, Jr. Scholarship Funds in the College of Business Administration and the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business.

Karp (PHARM ’86) helped revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry through her work in educating physicians on the use of emerging oncology medicines. The complex drugs required doctors to not only understand how to use the medications, but also the complexities of supporting patients through the intense prescription regimens.

As a retail pharmacist, Myers (PHARM ’84) created a new standard for dispensing specialty pharmaceuticals such as those used to treat organ transplant and cancer patients. Pharmacies throughout the nation quickly adopted the system, which includes patient support and proactive interactions with insurance providers to help patients better manage their prescription costs and adherence.

Siblings Karp and Myers teamed to form CECity in 1997. The company introduced a new model for medical continuing education that took advantage of the still-young internet, using online training to teach doctors and pharmacists to prescribe and distribute new pharmaceuticals.

Karp funded the Hank Karp Brain Cancer Drug Project and the Hank S. Karp Neuro-Oncology Fellowship at Pitt in honor of her late husband.

Myers, through the Myers Family Foundation, provides lead financial support for the educational component of the Center for PharmacoAnalytics at the School of Pharmacy.

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