Three Faculty Members Recognized for Teaching Excellence

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Julie Beaulieu, lecturer in the Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies Program; Geoffrey Glover, lecturer in the Department of English; and Jeffrey Wheeler, lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, have won the 2019 Tina and David Bellet Teaching Excellence Award.

The award, established in 1998 to honor exceptional undergraduate teaching in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, gives a one-time cash prize of $6,000 to recipients.

“As a first-generation college graduate and PhD, I am acutely aware of the various things that had to perfectly align to get where I am today,” said Beaulieu, who began full-time teaching at Pitt in 2013. “I had tremendous support along the way. When teaching, I hope to always stay grounded through a deep awareness of my role as part of a larger collective. I am very grateful for the recognition.”

Glover, who started teaching in 2012, said, “We never succeed alone. I am supported by a network of gifted teachers in and out of the English department and by students who define themselves by their eagerness to learn.”

Beaulieu, Glover and Wheeler, who has taught at Pitt since 2008, will be honored at the Bellet dinner on Tuesday, April 2.

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