Two Students Win Boren Awards

Simon Kioko in a white headband and black hoodie on the left, Dijana Mujkanovic in a grey shirt on the right

The National Security Education Program has recognized two University of Pittsburgh students with David L. Boren Awards. These study abroad awards enable recipients to further their studies of languages and cultures most critical to our nation’s security. After returning to the United States, the Boren recipients will work in a federal government agency for a minimum of a year. 

Simon Kioko, awarded a Boren Scholarship, is a sophomore in the School of Computing and Information majoring in information science, as well as digital narrative and interactive design. He will be taking his Boren to Tanzania.

Dijana Mujkanovic, awarded a Boren Fellowship, is a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. She will be taking her Boren Fellowship to Israel.