Annual Staff Performance Appraisal Program Ends June 30

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The deadline for the annual staff performance appraisal program is June 30, 2020. This year, all areas across the University are required to conduct a performance appraisal with each employee. Details regarding the performance appraisal process can be found on the Office of Human Resources (OHR) website.

The annual staff performance appraisal program is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year in support of an employee's individual goals and those of the organization. When the process works well, the employee and their supervisor plan together to build on strengths and develop areas in need of improvement.

In conjunction with OHR's ongoing Shaping the Workplace initiative to identify the broader workplace environment that it aims to shape and maintain, responsibility centers across the University are asked to confirm that all staff in their area have completed an annual performance appraisal by July 31. OHR will review a sampling of staff performance appraisals to ensure minimum requirements are met as stated by University policy.

Explore the Staff Performance Management SharePoint site (via Pitt Passport) for the vice chancellor's memo, frequently asked questions, tool kits for employees and managers and performance appraisal forms. 

For further inquiries or assistance with the staff performance appraisal cycle, please contact the Office of Human Resources by submitting a request online.