Are You Ready for the Truth about PA's 2020 Presidential Election? Virtual Event

Headshot of David Thornburgh with poster saying: Protect and Improve the Voting Process

Join the Institute of Politics on Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. as David Thornburgh, President and CEO of The Committee of Seventy, discusses the issues surrounding an election that has been relentlessly attacked as fraudulent by some but that most have concluded was free and fair.

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Program Description: Time for Truth about Pennsylvania's 2020 Election

Pennsylvania’s historic election-reform law, which took effect on Oct. 31, 2019, authorized no-excuse, mail-in voting and passed both houses of the legislature with strong bipartisan support. Originally driven principally by a desire to facilitate citizen-participation in elections, mail-in voting assumed new significance with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. However, months before the 2020 election took place, then-President Trump launched unsupported attacks against mail-in voting and asserted that he could only lose if there was widespread fraud. After the election, then-President Trump and his allies, including some elected officials from Pennsylvania, unsuccessfully sought to overturn the results of our election in every available forum, including the courts and the Congressional session that was interrupted for several hours by the Jan. 6 riot in the Capitol.

This interview is co-sponsored by The Committee of Seventy, The League of Women Voters, Pitt Law, Pitt Cyber and Pitt Honors.