Deadline for Staff Early Retirement Eligibility Approaches

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Beginning Tuesday, July 14, eligible University employees received information about the Staff Early Retirement Package, including an election form, frequently asked questions and other resources.

The package will include six months of salary and immediate access to full retirement benefits regardless of age, provided certain criteria are met. It is available to any staff member 59 or older as of May 1, 2020, with 10 years of continuous service as a full-time regular employee. Part-time regular staff 59 and older who have had 10 years of continuous service and were hired before July 1, 2004, also are eligible under a previous stipulation.

Eligible staff interested in the package must inform the Office of Human Resources by submitting their election form via DocuSign no later than Aug. 1; their final day of work will be Sept. 30. If staff previously submitted their letter of retirement on or after June 15—the date the program was announced—they are eligible for the early retirement package and can contact Human Resources to determine next steps.

Eligible faculty already received similar information about their program in June.