Don’t Forget Your Daily COVID-19 Health Check When Coming to Campus

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To help reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread, all students, faculty, staff and visitors coming to any University of Pittsburgh campus this fall must complete a Daily COVID-19 Health Check.

Those with Pitt credentials can do so by logging in through the My Pitt portal. Look for the gold and blue thermometer icon on the My Pitt homepage or check at the top of the page in the Pitt Mobile app to complete the brief daily check.

Visitors, guests and members of the public can complete the health check online

It’s easy to do and takes less than 30 seconds: Just answer two yes/no questions about whether you feel any symptoms and if you’ve had any known exposure to COVID-19. These self-attestations only need to be completed once a day, if you’re coming to campus and before entering any campus building.

A great deal of thought, care and expertise went into creating this app, with privacy being one of the first concerns.

“All data is stored in University maintained databases,” said Jamie Craig, assistant director of services in Pitt Information Technology. “We have put strict limitation on the users that can access any of that information. There are only a handful of administrators at the University that can access it. Even the compiled data which has no individual identifiable information is limited to who can see it.”

If you begin to have COVID-19 symptoms during this period, please follow the guidance on the app and contact student health service on your campus. 

If you encounter technical difficulties with the app, please submit a help ticket to the Technology Help Desk. 

This daily health check is a tool that helps keep every member of the community safe. Failure to complete the check daily may result in restricted access to campus facilities once on campus.

When to do a Daily COVID-19 Health Check

  • Students living in University housing were instructed to begin using the app on the first day of their shelter in place at home, and continue to use it throughout their travel to campus and pod week.
  • Students living off campus are to use the app every day during their 14-day shelter in place.
  • Faculty and staff are should complete the health check only on days that they intend to come to campus and before they enter any buildings.
  • Visitors should complete a heath check before coming to campus and before entering any buildings.