FRIT Research Slam

Clip art of a microphone

Join us as FRIT faculty and grad students "slam" their research projects. They will have five minutes to present a research project in fun and engaging terms. Join us in a fun, low-stress environment to see what folks are up to in their research.


  • Lina Insana, “Translating Lampedusa and the Ethics of Polylingualism"
  • Chloe Hogg, "Material Matters in Early Modern France"
  • Jonathan Devine, "Animating All the World's Memory: Alain Resnais's Archive in Motion"
  • Chiara Montera, "Employing a Genre-Based Approach to Teach Written Presentational Communication in Italian as a Foreign Language"
  • Kaliane Ung, "From Wounded Writings to The Birds and the Bees" 
  • David Pettersen, “Why Do Questions of Film Genre Matter for Minority Cinemas?” 
  • Caitlin Dahl,"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?: Queering Galanterie"
  • Alberto Iozzia, "Last Time the World Ended: An Intro to the Introduction to My Book Project"
  • Maxime Bey-Rozet, "Cycles of Death and Rebirth in 21st Century French Horror Cinema"

Join stream online.
Feb. 12 from 3-4:30 p.m.