Passing Periods Extended and Classroom Assignments Finalized for Fall Term

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The time between scheduled fall semester classes has been extended to allow students and faculty extra time to travel to non-traditional classrooms and to facilitate proper physical distancing when entering and leaving classrooms. The changes will mean some morning classes start up to 10 minutes earlier, while evening classes will start up to 30 minutes later.

Pitt IT assisted in modeling the shift to make the changes as minimally disruptive as possible. The updated class schedule ensures that 95% of students and instructors have a minimum of 15 minutes between events during all days of the week.

Classroom assignments finalized

Students, teaching assistants, and faculty can now check PeopleSoft for completed Pittsburgh campus classroom assignments. New course meeting times (based on the new passing periods) and classroom locations have been updated. Courses that will meet only remotely are denoted as “WEB Based Class.”

In the coming days, annotations will be added to PeopleSoft to identify classrooms’ operational modality while the University is in the Guarded Risk operational posture (i.e. full cohort, rotated cohort, or all remote).

To help illustrate the different classroom modalities and the options for in-class experiences

In the Guarded Risk operational posture, view this Flex@Pitt infographic