Pitt Law Voting Rights Expert Hosts Training Sessions

Heinz Chapel with pink flowers in the foreground

The Pitt Law Voting Rights Project will host two voting rights training sessions ahead of the upcoming November election.

Dates are Wednesday, Oct. 14, and Tuesday, Oct. 20. Both are at 7 p.m. via Zoom. Register to attend.  

The sessions will be led by Pitt Associate Professor of Law Jessie Allen, an expert on voter suppression and voter’s rights. She will focus on issues likely to emerge on Election Day and the local, state and federal laws that are implicated. Some examples: when voters need to show identification, who is permitted to observe at a polling place and what those people do, and what happens if someone who has already ordered a mail-in ballot decides to vote in-person instead.

While Allen said the training in no way substitutes for the official Allegheny County poll worker training, she thinks anyone working around the election could benefit. Said Allen: “Especially for folks new to this work, it can’t hurt to hear things twice.”