Safe Mobility Standards and Guidelines Announced

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The Healthcare Advisory Group has provided guidance for University-related travel, personal travel and commuting. This guidance is as follows:

University-related travel

Across operational postures, University-related travel should be kept to a minimum.

In the High Risk and Elevated Risk Postures, international, domestic or campus-to-campus travel is not permitted. Exceptions may be granted by the overseeing member of the Senior Leadership Team if the travel is necessary to fulfill a primary job function or provide crucial support to the University.

In the Guarded Risk Posture, University-related travel is permitted if approved by an individual’s unit following the process outlined in their Activity Area Plan.

Commuting and personal travel

While there are no restrictions on commuting or personal travel in any operational posture, University members are strongly encouraged to keep both activities to the absolute minimum. Additionally, all forms of transportation are permitted, but each come with their own risks. University members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the risks of each type of travel and take precautions as they are able.

Quarantine after travel

Regardless of the University’s operational posture, all University members who travel outside of the local region and adjacent counties should quarantine for up to 14 days prior to returning to on-campus work in order to monitor their health for COVID-19-like symptoms.

Guidance specific to campus move-in travel, including any quarantine requirements, will be announced soon.

See the complete Safe Mobility Standards and Guidelines.