S/NC Grading Policy Information for Students

The uncertainty of this unprecedented situation is a source of anxiety for many of our students and their families, and to help decrease stress and facilitate your continued academic success, the University is adopting a significant level of flexibility in course grading for the spring 2020 semester. View the S/NC Grading Policy Information for Students »

After the end of the term when grades have already been posted, all Pitt students enrolled in courses for a letter grade during the spring 2020 term may choose to convert the grading of any of their courses from a letter grade basis to a satisfactory (S)/no credit (NC) basis. S/NC is not a “pass/fail” grading system. S stands for Satisfactory.  NC stands for No Credit.  For undergraduate classes, S corresponds to a grade of C or better, and NC corresponds to a grade of C- or lower.  For graduate classes this conversion differs somewhat by school, but in many cases an S correspond to a grade of B or better, while an NC corresponds to a grade of B- or lower. 

Students are strongly encouraged to thoroughly discuss the decision with their academic advisors and mentors.