Innovation & Research

Illustration of microbe
They’re on your toothbrush, in your clothes and mixed into your makeup: Silver nanoparticles have germ-killing properties, but could they be adding to antimicrobial resistance? A Pitt engineering team explored this understudied question.
Overhead image of a bridge over a river
A new report issued by Pitt’s Institute of Politics recommends ways to improve the long-term sustainability, resiliency and preparedness of municipalities in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
Julie Donohue in a black top
The largest-ever analysis of opioid use disorder among Medicaid recipients, led by Pitt Public Health Professor Julie Donohue, gives key insights on improving access to quality treatment.
Gloved hand holding a pipette
Pitt will collaborate with BridgeBio Pharma, Inc. to identify and support the development of novel therapies for patients with genetic diseases and cancers with clear genetic drivers.
Graham Hatfull holding a Petri dish
In 2019, biologist Graham Hatfull’s research on bacteria-killing viruses saved a British teenager’s life. Based on that success, a new patient’s case, published in Nature Medicine, further advances the science behind curing antibiotic-resistant lung infections.
Donald Burke in a grey suit
COVID-19 surges don’t care about borders or politics—instead they look more like weather patterns, flowing across the North American continent. Animations from Pitt Public Health give new insights that could lead to pandemic forecasting.
Self driving vehicle on a Pittsburgh bridge
The Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN) has reached a new milestone—more than 100 members, including Pitt—which places it among the world’s largest robotics alliances. The news comes with a new grant to support PRN’s goals of attracting new businesses to the city and creating jobs in the field.
MRI scans show patterns of anatomical differences of pelvises. In the colored panels, blue and black represent an average shape, and brighter colors indicate areas of high variability.
Childbirth is a momentous and fraught time. It’s also one of the most significant biomechanical events in life. Steven Abramowitch is using computer models to learn more about pelvic health after delivery.
a small child in a white outfit with a gloved hand putting a cotton ball on the child's arm
The Pittsburgh Vaccine Trials Unit has joined the KidCOVE Moderna vaccine trial to determine the shot’s efficacy in children. Find out how you can register kids ages 6 months to 12 years for a chance to participate.
Sherry Chou in a blue shirt
A global study led by Pitt’s Sherry Chou found that eight out of 10 adults hospitalized with COVID-19 develop neurological problems, and they are six times more likely to die.