Tony Novosel in a black shirt
Tony Novosel's eye-opening experiences in Northern Ireland led him to Pitt, where the faculty member now helps students explore new places through a study abroad scholarship. This story is part of Pitt Magazine's special summer 2021 digital issue. Keep an eye out throughout the season for more new stories.
Maia Stephenson sits on a pink bench
Born from frustration and a first-year classroom, senior Maia Stephenson’s work on hip-hop, diversity and rhetoric has earned her publication credits, funding and community connections.
a blue and gold panther flag on campus
What was it like to choose Pitt sight unseen? To live on campus? Teach a class? Three Pitt people reflect on their first year at the University.
Madison Kornides, in a white lab coat leaning against a stone wall
Madison Kornides, a student in Pitt’s guaranteed pharmacy admissions program, fought COVID-19 in her hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and beyond.
Imagine you’re a graduate student in the biomedical sciences. Your training requires a significant amount of time at the lab bench. Then a pandemic hits. How do you move forward?
a woman in a dark blazer and striped blouse in front of a panther statue
Recent Pitt Business grad Katie Gerber wants to become a CPA and represent women in the upper levels of management. See how Panthers Forward, the Smart Women Securities group and faculty mentorship are helping her on her way.
Aarti Patel in a red shirt with a river behind her
Mechanical engineering student Aarti Patel found inspiration in outer space during an artistic internship at NASA this spring.
Three students in blue Pitt Med Match t-shirts.  Behind them is a gold background.
Interviewing for residency is tough, both mentally and financially. A new Pitt program seeks to lessen the burden.
Stephen Canton in a black shirt types on a computer as another student sits next to him
Canceled rotations, delayed exams, virtual residency interviews … little transpired as it normally would for the med school’s Class of 2021. Meet seven newly minted Pitt MDs who persevered.
Map of Europe with countries in different shades of purple, with green shapes coming out of Ukraine
Students in Pitt’s Digital Atlas Design Internship program get faculty mentorship, training in an important technology and a new view on historical events. Can you guess what this map depicts?