Letter from Klauder to Chancellor Bowman

The text of the letter reads as follows:

In re: Univ. of Pittsburgh
August 4, 1925

Dr. John G. Bowman, Chancellor
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Dear Dr. Bowman:

Since you hinted to me in Pittsburgh that it might now be time to abandon the title "Cathedral of Learning," I wrote on the 30th ult. to Mr. Weber asking what exact titles we should place on our drawings. He obligingly and promptly responded with the directions to entitle them simply University of Pittsburgh. His replies do not indicate that he has discussed this with you. We wish to make sure that any change made in the title of the drawings meets with your approval.

Moreover, since we wrote Mr. Weber, we realize that this is a matter of considerable importance, and the question arises in our minds whether simply University of Pittsburgh is sufficiently identifying for this building, that is, whether it distinguishes it from other buildings of the University. It has been our experience that clients have regretted that they have not given such distinguishing titles to buildings at the outset of our work, having directed us simply to write New Building for the University of Blank, New Dormitory for the University of Blank, and the like, when it is realized in a few months that such titles mean little. If another title is decided upon, is it not desirable now to place it on the several hundred drawings which will be widely circulated among all the trades contributing to the structure?

These thoughts have occurred to me since writing Mr. Weber and I merely beg leave to open the question with you in case you might agree that a more distinguishing title is desirable. Will you not let me hear from you soon upon this?

Yours very truly,

Charles Z. Klauder

Copy – Mr. Weber
" – D. Rm.