Assigned But Unused Classrooms Opening Soon for Student Use During Synchronous Instruction

A mostly empty classroomThe Office of the Provost has announced that students enrolled in classes that have assigned rooms but that are not currently offering an in-person experience will soon have the ability to use their assigned (but unused) classrooms to attend their remote/broadcasted class.

The option reflects an effort to continue to gradually increase in-person educational opportunities for students and support their educational success while the University is in the Elevated Risk posture, said Joseph McCarthy, vice provost for undergraduate studies. “This would be similar to what is available naturally through Flex@Pitt, however, at this time instructors are welcome to still deliver their class in the same way that they have been for a remote class.”

McCarthy said that the move enables students to interact in person, safely from a distance, in the classroom. “It will give students a place to focus their learning without having to avoid participating in class, as may be the case, for example, in the library or similar spaces that necessitate quiet.”  

Logistics, including access and cleaning procedures, are being finalized. The provost’s office plans to communicate details next week with associate deans, who will reach out directly to their faculty and students.