Photos: Class of the Total Solar Eclipse

  • A television screen displaying people singing behind a table with gift bags with students' photographs on them
    There was a lot to sing about on Friday. In honor of the Match, the PalPITTations offered up an acapella rendition of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” (“I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion. . .”) (Tom Altany/University of Pittsburgh)
  • Roc stands by ballon letters that spell, "Match"
    At a hybrid virtual ceremony on Friday, Roc joined School of Medicine students, deans, faculty members and others to celebrate Match Day, during which med students learn where they’ll train after graduation. Joan Harvey, Pitt Med’s recently retired associate dean for student affairs, dubbed the Class of 2021, the Class of the Solar Eclipse. She noted that, after all they’d accomplished and their “spectacular” match, “now the moon is moving away and no longer blocking the light.” (Tom Altany/University of Pittsburgh)
  • Gift bags with students' photos on the front on a table with a gold cover on it
    Anantha Shekhar, John and Gertrude Petersen Dean and senior vice chancellor for health sciences, had these words for the School of Medicine’s Class of 2021: “What an extraordinary year you have spent in terms of challenges. … You’ve come through with flying colors. You’ve been incredibly aware of social injustices and structural racism in medicine. You’ve assisted with collecting foods and serving those in need. You even assisted with childcare. This is a class that’s shown not only that they’re great doctors and fantastic students, but they’re people with big hearts. That’s really what I admire about you.” (Tom Altany/University of Pittsburgh)
  • Jenny Perez in a blue Match Day T-shirt hugging her husband in a gray sweater in front of a table with gift bags on it
    Jenny Perez, class president, hugs her husband after learning she’ll go to the Mayo Clinic for neurosurgery. (Tom Altany/University of Pittsburgh)
  • Three people in a music video singing
    Scope and Scalpel creators gave a little preview of their annual show with a Match Day shanty.
  • Four medical students with Match Day T-shirts with their backs to the camera
    Graduating med students took turns coming to campus for photo opportunities this Match Day. (Tom Altany/University of Pittsburgh)
  • The Pitt Med class of 2021 underneath a bridge in front of a body of water
    The Pitt Med’s Class of 2021, aka the Class of the Total Solar Eclipse, went through med school during extraordinary times to learn about medicine. They are shown here on the Gateway Clipper during orientation in summer 2016.

They came in with the total solar eclipse and went out with a pandemic. The School of Medicine’s Class of 2021 was tested like no other—which made their residency match on Friday, March 19, all the more rewarding.