They Heart Art—Levine, That Is

  • Art Levine in a light blue dress shirt and Linda Melada in a beige top
    Arthur S. Levine (right) and his wife, Linda Melada, wave to the surprise parade. (Mike Drazdzinski/University of Pittsburgh)
  • Photo cutouts of Art Levine spread across a lawn
    Cutouts of classic photos of Arthur S. Levine line the street in his honor. (Mike Drazdzinski/University of Pittsburgh)
  • A woman in a hat raises a blue and gold "Pitt Loves You" sign
    Chrissie Fulton (left), who works at the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, and George Fechter, an entrepreneur who has partnered with the medical school throughout Levine’s tenure and chairs the Eye & Ear Foundation board, wish Levine well. (Mike Drazdzinski/University of Pittsburgh)
  • A man in a red SUV drives past two people in blue shirts
    Chancellor Patrick Gallagher (left) joined Levine and his wife during the parade. Here, Chris Keys, assistant building and dock manager for Biomedical Science Tower 3, drives by and waves to them. (Mike Drazdzinski/University of Pittsburgh)
  • A person in a silver SUV plays the bugle while another raises a "Pitt Loves You" sign through the sun roof
    Hugo Cerri, husband of Elena Gialamas Cerri (driving), plays the bugle for Levine, while son Tonino holds a sign through the sunroof. Elena is the longtime art director of Pitt Med magazine, the med school’s alumni publication founded by Arthur S. Levine and Editor-in-chief Erica Lloyd. (Mike Drazdzinski/University of Pittsburgh)
  • A woman in a yellow top drives by with an "H2Art" sign and a yellow balloon
    Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor Ann E. Cudd drives by with best wishes for Levine. (Mike Drazdzinski/University of Pittsburgh)

To salute Arthur S. Levine as he moves into his new station in life as dean emeritus of the School of Medicine; senior vice chancellor emeritus, health sciences; and executive director of the Brain Institute, Pitt held a surprise parade on June 16. About 65 carloads of fans made their way past his home in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, abiding by social distancing guidelines. 

His wife, Linda Melada, managed to get her husband out of the house by telling him that a classic car was coming by soon. 

Levine helmed the schools of the health sciences for more than 20 years.