Jerome L. "Jerry" Rosenberg , served for 64 years at Pitt as faculty member and administrator

Rosenberg, who moved from his longtime home in Squirrel Hill to Rockville, Md., four years ago, died on June 12, 2021, of multiple organ failure. He was just eight days shy of becoming a centenarian.

Rosenberg's contributions to Pitt were unparalleled, said Chancellor Emeritus Mark Nordenberg.

“Jerry Rosenberg truly was extraordinary, a person with unbelievable intelligence and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy,” said Nordenberg, who served as chancellor from 1995-2014. “He came to Pitt as a chemistry professor and served as dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for 16 years. Then, as he reached what others might have considered to be retirement age, he completely reinvented himself by becoming Pitt’s chief research integrity officer."

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