School of Medicine

Matt Shilling sitting in a chair in a hospital room, connected to various medical equipment, while Amy Harvey kneels, holding his hands, and their pastor looks over them during a wedding ceremony
When a seemingly healthy Erie man learned he was in heart failure, he was life-flighted to UPMC Presbyterian. There, a specialized care team of cardiothoracic doctors and nurses evaluated him for a heart transplant—and threw him a wedding.
Illustration in blue and black duotone of young boy in wearing leg braces and using crutches
 In "Polio Pioneers," the latest episode of Pitt Medcast, the audience will hear from people who grew up in the shadow of a crippling disease—among them, schoolkids from the clinical trials of Jonas Salk’s killed-virus polio vaccine. Their accounts tell the story of how ordinary people helped win the struggle against one of the most crippling diseases in history.  
Carla Chugani headshot
Carla Chugani will be studying the effectiveness of her new course, which will incorporate skills from dialectical behavior therapy to help students manage negative emotions, cope with adversity and learn interpersonal skills.
a sketch of the backpack in stretcher mode, with a person/dummy lying on it
A multidisciplinary team led by Ron Poropatich is working on a specialized medical backpack for the U.S. Army that could help injured patients in the field survive until they reach a fully staffed hospital.
Dennis Stark, in light blue Pitt T-shirt sitting in a plaid yellow armchair, placing pills into a pill counter placed on a white table. A prescription pill bottle is on the table.
The goal of the new center is to use the best in modern medical research to improve the care, health and quality of life of all persons with disabilities and the families and caregivers who support them.
Marci Lee Nilsen and Jonas Johnson
The human papillomavirus (HPV) epidemic has led to a sharp increase in HPV-related head and neck cancer. Many patients survive, but then face new obstacles related to the treatment of their condition.
Sophia Choukas-Bradley and Vanitha Swaminathan
Psychologist Sophia Choukas-Bradley and brand strategist Vanitha Swaminathan say Instagram’s move this week to hide the number of likes on some posts in the U.S. could change how young adults feel about themselves and their peers.