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Illustration of microbe
They’re on your toothbrush, in your clothes and mixed into your makeup: Silver nanoparticles have germ-killing properties, but could they be adding to antimicrobial resistance? A Pitt engineering team explored this understudied question.
Self driving vehicle on a Pittsburgh bridge
The Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN) has reached a new milestone—more than 100 members, including Pitt—which places it among the world’s largest robotics alliances. The news comes with a new grant to support PRN’s goals of attracting new businesses to the city and creating jobs in the field.
MRI scans show patterns of anatomical differences of pelvises. In the colored panels, blue and black represent an average shape, and brighter colors indicate areas of high variability.
Childbirth is a momentous and fraught time. It’s also one of the most significant biomechanical events in life. Steven Abramowitch is using computer models to learn more about pelvic health after delivery.
Thomas Richards sitting at a desk
At its June 2021 meeting, three alumni joined the University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees. The group also recognized Kathy Humphrey, outgoing senior vice chancellor for engagement and board secretary, for her contributions to Pitt’s success.
Graphic of a Pittsburgh bridge turning into data
“It’s not just the federal government and social media platforms that have a role to play in combating disinformation,” says Pitt Cyber founding director David Hickton of the new Pitt Disinformation Lab (PDL). “The animating vision of PDL is to build local resilience to disinformation right here, right now.”
An illustration of a printed silver microgrid
Future electronic displays will be thin, flexible and durable. Pitt engineers are finding ways to make the tech better and cheaper through tiny electric grids.