Pitt Responds: COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pitt community is doing its part to protect public health while forging ahead with the University’s missions of education, research and community impact.

COVID-19 Research

An array of cleaning supplies in rainbow order

The Chemistry of Cleaners

Ever wonder what exactly is in your surface cleaners and disinfectant wipes, and how they work against bacteria? Engineering’s Eric Beckman explains the advantages and effects of common cleaning agents for household tasks.
Rory Cooper (left) with friend David Gifford (right) just before the 2020 virtual Pittsburgh Marathon

Still in the Fight: Pitt’s Rory Cooper Recovers from Crash to Complete Marathon

Last October, Rory Cooper crashed his handcycle during the early miles of a marathon. The director of Pitt’s Human Engineering Research Laboratories would go on to finish the remaining 23.2 miles, then spend four days in a coma. Read about his incredible recovery, and his long history of working to improve wheelchair users’ lives.
A depiction of a textile repelling elements

What If Waiting Room Furniture and Masks Could Repel Viruses?

A team in the Swanson School of Engineering created a textile coating that can not only repel liquids like blood and saliva but also prevent viruses from adhering to the surface.
Burton Lee in a dark blue suit and light blue collared shirt

Virtual Course Combats Ventilator Crisis

Critical care docs Burton Lee and Megan Acho have developed peer-reviewed videos to help train doctors outside the field use ventilators on COVID-19 patients. Lee says his medical colleagues’ willingness to learn and stretch during the pandemic has been one of its positive outcomes.
A depiction of a globe with a field and clouds within

Keeping Sustainability at the Forefront

A new podcast from CB Bhattacharya and the Center for Sustainable Business brings global expertise to questions of how to prioritize sustainability during the pandemic. Each week, listen to the 15-minute conversations with leaders from companies like Google and IBM.
An infographic displaying lockdown level by state due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Making Data Lemonade

A Pitt-sponsored effort is keeping area high schoolers engaged while social distancing by giving them a taste of real-world data science projects focused on the COVID-19 pandemic.
David Lebel in a black suit and dark blue tie

Expert Tips for Helping Teams Manage Fear

As states begin to relax stay-at-home orders and businesses prepare to reopen after pandemic-related closures, managers will play a crucial role in helping their teams work effectively. Organizational behavior researcher David Lebel shares his tips for managing teams in the face of fear.