The Plan for Pitt: Promote Diversity and Inclusion

The Schenley Quad plaza with students walking about
As part of a larger effort to learn more about vulnerable students, Pitt participated in the nation’s largest assessment of students’ basic needs. The Campus Basic Needs Committee is now tasked with acting on the results.
Table with 5 people seen from above
Early figures show a near 24% increase in Pell-eligible students coming to Pitt this fall compared to last year. As the Pitt Success Pell Match Program enters its third year, it’s making a meaningful impact on opportunities for lower-income students coming to Pitt from Pennsylvania and across the country.
Julie Donohue in a black top
The largest-ever analysis of opioid use disorder among Medicaid recipients, led by Pitt Public Health Professor Julie Donohue, gives key insights on improving access to quality treatment.
Heather Tomko in a green and black shirt
Diversity Forum 2021 is, well, diverse in its topics and speakers. From challenging what counts as “bad” English to the role of social media in disability advocacy to using techniques from improv to fight injustice, there’s a workshop for everyone.
Anthony Ray Hilton in a black suit
Wrongfully accused former death row prisoner Anthony Ray Hinton. The co-founder of Stop AAPI Hate Russell Jeung. ACLU national board president Deborah Archer. These are just a few of the featured speakers for this year’s Diversity Forum. See who else is presenting and register for the virtual event.
A pride march with a rainbow flag flying
Tonight: Hear stories and poems of friendship, aging and kitchen chats from LGBTQ+ elders.
Pitt students in blue and gold linking arms
In the past year, the University of Pittsburgh embraced uncertainty, showed resilience and accomplished amazing things—and in many ways, our students led the way. See their stories.