A leech on skin
Leeches are all too happy to latch onto reattached body parts, skin grafts and transplanted tissue. Pitt Med magazine explains medicinal parasites in kid-friendly language.
Jules Gill-Peterson in an orange shirt, a grey brick wall in the background
The struggles of trans children in the era before modern medicine show not just how trans youths are far from a new phenomenon, but also how tenacious they were compared to their parents and doctors, writes Pitt’s Jules Gill-Peterson for The Conversation.
Alaina E. Roberts in a black shirt
Ahead of the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre on May 31, read an excerpt from Professor Alaina E. Roberts’ new book that depicts the lead-up to and aftermath of that brutal event.
Alissa Carpenter in a red shirt on a white background
Alissa Carpenter (EDUC ’06G) helps people to cope with life’s ups and downs in her business. Her mantra: “Everything’s Not OK and That’s OK.”
Rogers in a suit and tie in front of a flowering bush
Gayle Rogers, professor in and chair of Pitt's Department of English and author of the forthcoming book, “Speculation: A Cultural History from Aristotle to AI,” writes about financial speculation through the ages, from tulips and scrips to bitcoin and meme stocks.
A physician adjusts a mask on a patient lying down
New treatments target different stages of COVID-19, including before patients become sick enough to need hospitalization, write Pitt medicine's William G. Bain, Georgios D. Kitsios and Tomeka L. Suber for The Conversation.
The Cathedral of Learning in the snow
From the University Times: Recipients of the Chancellor's Distinguished Awards all received letters from Chancellor Patrick Gallagher and will be awarded a $2,000 cash prize and a grant of $3,000 to support the recipient’s teaching, research or public service activities.
Barry Mitnick in a black suit and red tie
For decades, presidents routinely replaced large swaths of the government workforce, often requiring them to pay fees to political parties in exchange for their jobs. Professor Barry Mitnick explains the history of the “spoils” system in The Conversation.
A person in a blue shirt and jeans buckling in a seat belt
For The Conversation, Randy P. Juhl, Pitt Dean Emeritus and Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy, wrote about what it takes to change behavior due to health risks—and what it means for the COVID-19 pandemic.
A pile of almonds in the foreground with Brussels sprouts behind them
Counting or comparing calories across dishes and quantities is a lot harder to do than people think, found Peggy Liu, assistant professor of business administration, in a series of studies.