About Pittwire

Pittwire is the University of Pittsburgh’s official news service, highlighting stories about Pitt that are of broad public interest.

News stories are organized into categories — innovation and research, campus, students, alumni, giving, faculty and teaching, staff, and diversity and community. Categories align with Pitt’s key stakeholders and the strategic goals of the University.

Pittwire’s audience includes the University community — students, faculty, staff, partners and friends — and the public.


Anyone may subscribe to the free service.


How do I submit a story idea to Pittwire?

Ideas from the Pitt community are welcome. Story ideas can be sent to pittwire@pitt.edu.

Where can I send feedback about Pittwire?

Please send your thoughts to pittwire@pitt.edu

How can I share Pittwire stories?

Each story is easily shareable through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email — just use the icons at the top of the article. Printable versions are also available at the top of each story's page. News outlets are encouraged to reuse and repurpose content.