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Maia Stephenson sits on a pink bench
Born from frustration and a first-year classroom, senior Maia Stephenson’s work on hip-hop, diversity and rhetoric has earned her publication credits, funding and community connections.
a small girl in a bright pink shirt that says "two." on it
In January 2019, Pitt people performed UPMC’s first-ever in utero surgery for spina bifida. See how toddler Emery Greene Mullen is doing today.
a blue and gold panther flag on campus
What was it like to choose Pitt sight unseen? To live on campus? Teach a class? Three Pitt people reflect on their first year at the University.
Madison Kornides, in a white lab coat leaning against a stone wall
Madison Kornides, a student in Pitt’s guaranteed pharmacy admissions program, fought COVID-19 in her hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and beyond.
a blue and gold graphic that says "To our faculty and staff: thank you!"
Pitt leaders express their appreciation for the professionalism, dedication and countless contributions of faculty and staff members during the 2020-21 academic year. Share your gratitude and find details about Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week.
An illustration of a printed silver microgrid
Future electronic displays will be thin, flexible and durable. Pitt engineers are finding ways to make the tech better and cheaper through tiny electric grids.
Imagine you’re a graduate student in the biomedical sciences. Your training requires a significant amount of time at the lab bench. Then a pandemic hits. How do you move forward?
Jules Gill-Peterson in an orange shirt, a grey brick wall in the background
The struggles of trans children in the era before modern medicine show not just how trans youths are far from a new phenomenon, but also how tenacious they were compared to their parents and doctors, writes Pitt’s Jules Gill-Peterson for The Conversation.
Koffi Kengbo in a black suit with trees in the background
Koffi Kengbo (GSPIA ’21) wants to return to Togo to help give people the freedom to speak up.
Hand holding rainbow flag, Cathedral of Learning in the background
To kick off Pride Month, revisit some of the achievements, research and conversations going on at the University of Pittsburgh about and with the LGBTQ+ community.
Man in mask and gloves applies plastic covering to a chair
From June 7 to 11, join celebrations of the faculty and staff who make Pitt great. Plus, thank your favorite Pitt people for a chance to win prizes.
a smiling woman in a bright orange tank top
Office of Veterans Services Director Aryanna Berringer reflects on the meaning of Memorial Day and the civilian/military divide in America.
Alaina E. Roberts in a black shirt
Ahead of the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre on May 31, read an excerpt from Professor Alaina E. Roberts’ new book that depicts the lead-up to and aftermath of that brutal event.
Teen sits on the computer in the dark, with blue light beaming from it
Pitt’s AFA CyberCamp, now in its fifth year, is training teens to fight the next generation of threats to America. This year, the program is reserving a quarter of its slots for kids in communities underrepresented in tech.
Cathedral of Learning at sunset with a flying saucer to the right
As the U.S. government prepares to share an unclassified report on “unidentified aerial phenomena,” we asked Pitt experts to weigh in on the science, politics and psychology of aliens and extraterrestrial spacecraft.