Innovation & Research

A man in a mask and a University of Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine uniform delivers vaccine to man in foreground
Researchers from Pitt were part of a multisite study that analyzed real-world nationwide CDC data to confirm the effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.
four people dressed in masks, gloves and white suits standing in a room of equipment
The computers and sensors, specially designed for space, will be used to get a better view of Earth and its surroundings. The system will launch to the International Space Station on SpaceX-24 this fall.
Logan Rice in a blue and brown shirt on a brown background
Logan Rice will conduct experiments in high-energy physics through a U.S. Department of Energy program.
A computer generated image of a brain with a profile of a woman's face behind it
Pitt neuroscientists found that fruit flies, rodents and humans all have a protein called VGLUT that regulates sex differences in age-related neuron loss. It is not every day that scientists discover a phenomenon so fundamental across species.
Chris Kline in a lavender shirt and purple tie
Research from Chris Kline in the School of Education shows how poor sleep health decreases the effectiveness of weight loss interventions.
Wendy King in a purple shirt
An analysis led by epidemiologist Wendy King also found that people in certain occupations report five-fold higher rates of hesitancy than others.
Cecelia Yates in a white coat and red shirt.
Meet this year’s emerging innovator, startup of the year, small business of the year and more, as recognized by Pitt’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
a person in a royal blue collared shirt
Daniel Jacobson López, who studies sexual assault survivors in the Black, Latino and LGBTQ communities, says the problem is a public health crisis that is getting little attention.
Four students standing side by side
ReSolution, a self-cleaning contact case, took home the top prize of this year’s Randall Family Big Ideas Competition.
Jean Nachega in a grey suit and pink tie with a bookcase in the background
Pitt Public Health’s Jean Nachega and coauthors draw practical parallels between the COVID-19 pandemic and HIV, including innovative ways to ensure scale-up of a vaccine or treatment in Africa.