Graduate School of Public Health

Julie Donohue in a black top
The largest-ever analysis of opioid use disorder among Medicaid recipients, led by Pitt Public Health Professor Julie Donohue, gives key insights on improving access to quality treatment.
Heather Tomko in a green and black shirt
Diversity Forum 2021 is, well, diverse in its topics and speakers. From challenging what counts as “bad” English to the role of social media in disability advocacy to using techniques from improv to fight injustice, there’s a workshop for everyone.
Donald Burke in a grey suit
COVID-19 surges don’t care about borders or politics—instead they look more like weather patterns, flowing across the North American continent. Animations from Pitt Public Health give new insights that could lead to pandemic forecasting.
Mascaro Center green roof with the Cathedral of Learning in the distance
More than 1 million square feet of the University is now certified green. See some of the buildings across the Pittsburgh campus designated Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).
 Chris O’Donnell in a grey suit
The new Office of Emerging Technologies in Health Sciences Education, led by Chris O’Donnell, is tasked with uniting Pitt’s six highly ranked schools of the health sciences through embracing new tech.
Thomas Richards sitting at a desk
At its June 2021 meeting, three alumni joined the University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees. The group also recognized Kathy Humphrey, outgoing senior vice chancellor for engagement and board secretary, for her contributions to Pitt’s success.
A man in a mask and a University of Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine uniform delivers vaccine to man in foreground
Researchers from Pitt were part of a multisite study that analyzed real-world nationwide CDC data to confirm the effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.