Department of History

Medvid in a blue jacket and yellow tie with a rainbow pin on his lapel
LGBTQ advocate Drew Medvid (A&S ’19) shares how his time at Pitt led him to become regional lead for Human Rights Campaign and a champion for equality.
Charlene Foggie_Barnett and Sam Black on a Zoom call
A recent panel discussion dove into the history of emancipation and the influence it’s had on Black families in Pittsburgh and beyond.
Tony Novosel in a black shirt
Tony Novosel's eye-opening experiences in Northern Ireland led him to Pitt, where the faculty member now helps students explore new places through a study abroad scholarship. This story is part of Pitt Magazine's special summer 2021 digital issue. Keep an eye out throughout the season for more new stories.
Maia Stephenson sits on a pink bench
Born from frustration and a first-year classroom, senior Maia Stephenson’s work on hip-hop, diversity and rhetoric has earned her publication credits, funding and community connections.
a blue and gold panther flag on campus
What was it like to choose Pitt sight unseen? To live on campus? Teach a class? Three Pitt people reflect on their first year at the University.
Alaina E. Roberts in a black shirt
Ahead of the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre on May 31, read an excerpt from Professor Alaina E. Roberts’ new book that depicts the lead-up to and aftermath of that brutal event.
Map of Europe with countries in different shades of purple, with green shapes coming out of Ukraine
Students in Pitt’s Digital Atlas Design Internship program get faculty mentorship, training in an important technology and a new view on historical events. Can you guess what this map depicts?
a person inside a bus
David Zahniser’s album, “The Crossroads,” is a musical exploration of the Hill District that blends standard Jewish tunes with jazz to create a soundscape of the neighborhood’s working class history.
George Barbour in a black and white photograph next to a blackboard
Pitt alumnus George Barbour had the harrowing experience of being one of only two Black reporters covering the historic 1965 civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery. His career is the subject of a new documentary premiering on Thursday, Feb. 11.