The Plan for Pitt: Embrace the World

Self driving vehicle on a Pittsburgh bridge
The Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN) has reached a new milestone—more than 100 members, including Pitt—which places it among the world’s largest robotics alliances. The news comes with a new grant to support PRN’s goals of attracting new businesses to the city and creating jobs in the field.
Pitt students in blue and gold linking arms
In the past year, the University of Pittsburgh embraced uncertainty, showed resilience and accomplished amazing things—and in many ways, our students led the way. See their stories.
Tony Novosel in a black shirt
Tony Novosel's eye-opening experiences in Northern Ireland led him to Pitt, where the faculty member now helps students explore new places through a study abroad scholarship. This story is part of Pitt Magazine's special summer 2021 digital issue. Keep an eye out throughout the season for more new stories.
Koffi Kengbo in a black suit with trees in the background
Koffi Kengbo (GSPIA ’21) wants to return to Togo to help give people the freedom to speak up.
Map of Europe with countries in different shades of purple, with green shapes coming out of Ukraine
Students in Pitt’s Digital Atlas Design Internship program get faculty mentorship, training in an important technology and a new view on historical events. Can you guess what this map depicts?
A person in a dark blazer and purple blouse wearing a head set. The words Accessibility Awareness are in gold on the screen.
From adding alt-text to joining the new Pitt Disability Community, campus accessibility experts offer 10 ways to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day and advocate for yourself or colleagues with accessibility needs.
Brooke Riscoe in a red and white shirt on the left and Emi Finkelstein in a black shirt on the right
Pitt undergraduate student Brooke Riscoe (left) and graduate student Emi Finkelstein have been named to the Deutscher...
Simon Kioko in a white headband and black hoodie on the left, Dijana Mujkanovic in a grey shirt on the right
The National Security Education Program has recognized two University of Pittsburgh students with David L. Boren Awards. These...
A compilation of the headshots of Diego Chaves-Gnecco, Carmelo Mesa-Lago and Vyasa Sai from left to right
Diego Chaves-Gnecco, Carmelo Mesa-Lago and Vyasa Sai (ENGR ’13G) are working toward equality in health care and STEM fields.
Cathedral of Learning with a blooming pink tree in the foreground
From committing to carbon neutrality to transforming the regional economy with green investments, Earth Day is every day at Pitt. See stories of sustainability champions on campus and peruse events celebrating Earth Day 2021.