The Plan for Pitt: Strengthen Communities

Madison Kornides, in a white lab coat leaning against a stone wall
Madison Kornides, a student in Pitt’s guaranteed pharmacy admissions program, fought COVID-19 in her hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and beyond.
a smiling woman in a bright orange tank top
Office of Veterans Services Director Aryanna Berringer reflects on the meaning of Memorial Day and the civilian/military divide in America.
Teen sits on the computer in the dark, with blue light beaming from it
Pitt’s AFA CyberCamp, now in its fifth year, is training teens to fight the next generation of threats to America. This year, the program is reserving a quarter of its slots for kids in communities underrepresented in tech.
Woman applies vaccine to girl in a purple shirt
Pharmacist Melissa McGivney is one of the masterminds behind Pitt’s impressive vaccination efforts. She’s led a team that has provided more than 20,000 doses to people, young and old.
Stephen Canton in a black shirt types on a computer as another student sits next to him
Canceled rotations, delayed exams, virtual residency interviews … little transpired as it normally would for the med school’s Class of 2021. Meet seven newly minted Pitt MDs who persevered.
Two students walking down a sidewalk form behind, one wearing a blue Pitt bag
Appalachian Paris, a new performance piece from the Department of Theatre Arts, takes listeners on an immersive, historical audio tour of the neighborhood Pitt calls home.
Jess Boddy, in a Pitt t-shirt, holds two turtles. A pond is in the background.
Wombat poop is cube shaped. An octopus has nine brains. Weird but true facts like these are all in a day’s work for Jess Boddy (A&S ’16), an editor and podcast producer at Popular Science who got her start at Pitt.
4 emergency healthcare workers see to a patient on stretcher.  The image is motion blurred.
Pitt holds a special place in the history of emergency medical services. During National EMS Week, learn how Pitt people paved the way for modern prehospital care.