Donald Burke in a grey suit
COVID-19 surges don’t care about borders or politics—instead they look more like weather patterns, flowing across the North American continent. Animations from Pitt Public Health give new insights that could lead to pandemic forecasting.
Pitt students in blue and gold linking arms
In the past year, the University of Pittsburgh embraced uncertainty, showed resilience and accomplished amazing things—and in many ways, our students led the way. See their stories.
Sherry Chou in a blue shirt
A global study led by Pitt’s Sherry Chou found that eight out of 10 adults hospitalized with COVID-19 develop neurological problems, and they are six times more likely to die.
Dave DeJong on a Youtube video
The June 15 return-to-campus planning town hall addressed topics that included an interim flexible work arrangement policy and required safety training and compliance. Here’s what you need to know as the gradual campus return starts in July.
Imagine you’re a graduate student in the biomedical sciences. Your training requires a significant amount of time at the lab bench. Then a pandemic hits. How do you move forward?
Yi Shi in a dark jacket
Promising early data suggest that this approach can provide a convenient and cost-effective therapeutic option to control the coronavirus pandemic.
Woman applies vaccine to girl in a purple shirt
Pharmacist Melissa McGivney is one of the masterminds behind Pitt’s impressive vaccination efforts. She’s led a team that has provided more than 20,000 doses to people, young and old.
A man in an orange hazmat suit and mask looks at a culture plate
In the latest Pitt Perspective, see how the University is fighting COVID-19 by questioning conventional wisdom and finding new approaches to research, treatment and vaccine development.
Girl in a checkered shirt sitting on a couch looking at a laptop
A Pitt team found that the desire to protect others was the primary motivating factor for teens complying with social distancing requirements. They also learned what didn’t work.
Student in white hoodie and Pitt mask in front of the Cathedral of learning with two other students blurred in the background
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Pitt leaders and staff kept our campuses safe and functioning. Watch how it all happened in “Reinventing Life on Campus during COVID-19,” part of the new Pitt Perspectives on Navigating a Pandemic series.